About KIA

Who is Kia Motors?

From its very humble beginnings as a manufacturer of bicycle parts by hand on the outskirt of Seoul, Korea, Kia Motors has emerged as the driving force behind the Korean motor vehicle for the last six decades, laying claim to the production of the country’s first automobile as well as Korea’s first automobile export. The word “Kia” is derived from the Chinese characters Ki, meaning to “arise or come up out of” and a, referring to Asia. So when put together, Kia means to “arise or come up out of Asia” Today, Kia has truly risen as a major global player and boasts an ever-expanding product line-up that is sold through a network of distributors and dealers covering 172 countries around the world. Over 40,000 Kia employees spanning the globe from an expansive human network that aspires for excellence on behalf of our valued customers.

CI-Corporate Identity

The Kia Logo
With its three dimensional typeface and logo, the Kia CI is designed to reflect the company’s youthful and energetic image. The rich, deep red color suggests the passion of the sun and represents Kia’s strong determination to move forward in a lively and entertaining fashion. The supple and refined ellipse symbolizes the globe and alludes to Kia’s stature as a major player on the world automotive stage.

Brand Slogan

“The Power to Surprise” represents Kia’s global commitment to surpassing customer expectations through continuous automotive innovation, while embodying the ‘exciting and enabling’ attributes of the Kia brand.

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