KIA All New Picanto


An outlook, given shape

The essence of style.
It’s not about showing off, it’s not about excess. Catch the chic new Picanto out of the corner of your eye and you know you’ve made the right decision. It all comes down to this: a good thing, done well.

Practicality you’re right at home with

Form and function, all worked out.
You want sportiness, but you also want to fit in your sports gear.
Small is beautiful, but you also want your friends along for the ride. Job done. The new Picanto gives you that other urban must-have – flexibility.
Picanto_12MY_RHD_Features_01 picanto_13MY_RHD_Features_Overview_01


Be part of it

You feel you belong in the new Picanto’s fresh, welcoming interior.
Styled around beauty, structured around ergonomics, it’s been given a clever graphic twist through the use of high quality materials and trim.

Supervision cluster

With three cylindrical housings for the dials, the clear, sportylooking supervision cluster consists of speedometer, rev counter and fuel gauge.

Full auto temperature control

An automatic climate control system add to the Picanto’s feeling of breeziness, letting in the light and keeping you cool or warm depending on the weather.

Dimensions (mm)



1.2 MPI engine
Displacement : 1,248 cc
Max. Power : 87 ps @ 6,000 rpm
Max. Torque : 12.2 kg·m @ 4,000 rpm

Dimensions (mm)

Overall length 3,595 Overhang (Front) 700 Leg room (Rear) 820
Overall width 1,595 Overhang (Rear) 510 Head room (Front) 1,002
Overall height 1,490 Interior length 1,729 Head room (Rear) 962
Wheelbase 2,385 Interior width 1,335 Shoulder room (Front) 1,290
Wheeltread (Front) 1,421 Interior height 1,247 Shoulder room (Rear) 1,280
Wheeltread (Rear) 1,424 Leg room (Front) 1,070 Min. ground clearance 152
All information and illustrations are based on data available at the time of publication and subject to change without notice.
Contact your local Kia dealer for current information.

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